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Adopt Srebrenica

International Week 2014


The VIII edition of the International Week of Memory Is organized in collaboration with Tuzlanska Amica and the group Adopt Srebrenica. The activities of this edition are thought both for those who already participated in the previous editions of the International Week and those who are coming to Bosnia for the first time.

The program foresees visits to the Identification Centre of Tuzla, the tunnel of Sarajevo, the History Museum of Sarajevo and many other important historical monuments.

At the same time, there will be different meetings on specific themes such as:

A cycle of workshops in collaboration with the International Primo Levi Studies Center of Turin. The first public conference will take place in Tuzla. The workshops will continue in Srebrenica and in Sarajevo, focusing on “Dignity and Shame: Primo Levi’s thoughts on the experience of deported and survivors”, with the participation of local participants and organizations.

 ·A round table – meeting with the Plenum of the Citizens of the Tuzla Canton. After the protests on February 2014, the citizens organized the Plenums in order to discuss together about participative politics and the possible models of institutional reforms.

As every year, we will visit the Potočari Memorial Center, one of the most significative moments of our journeys.

  Presentation of the “Carlo Scarpa Award for the Garden” in Srebrenica. The Benetton Foundation awarded the two villages of Osmače and Brežani that restarted collaborating on a project on the cultivation of buckwheat.

The presentation will continue with a round table meeting on the theme of the “Best-practices and future prospects” with the participation of local NGO’s and companies.

As always, different moments of our journey will be dedicated to share thoughts and impressions on the visits and the meetings with the Bosnian witnesses.

On the morning the 31 August we will leave to go back to Italy.