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Life and voices in Srebrenica - The concerts, the events and the exhibitions

Aug 20, 2008, Fondazione Alexander Langer Stiftung

The meetings of the 2nd International Week in Srebrenica are going along with various artistic and cultural activities. Music, dance, theatre and images help to communicate upon linguistic (or other kinds of) barriers.


24 august, 19.00pm – Main hall of Dom Kulture

A step forward, theatre-dance performance of Motus Danza 

The group Motus Danza is looking for new words whereby the language of gestures deals with issues of social relevance. This kind of artistic search can be defined with a French expression: “engage”. This concept is understood as a social and ethic dedication which uses tools like poetry, symbols and irony. The Motus Danza group is composed by Rosanna Cieri (author/director), Simona Cieri (choreography), Martina Agricoli, Maurizio Cannalire, Simona Gori, Federica Morettini and Riccardo Pardini (dancers).

The show, especially dedicated to the town of Srebrenica, will pick up the topics of war and of dolefulness, underlying the fact that the dolefulness is something that everyone has in common. Moreover the show will highlight the role of the media as a amplifier of diversity. Also the show will give a chance of hope for the future generations.  Finally the performance will propose a look forward to a tolerant and peaceful future lived together.


27 august, 20.30pm – Youth Center Srebrenica

Between Fire and Silence, concert of Baobab International Orchestra, Pescara

The diary of a trip – sounds and words from Srebrenica to recite, a sax, flutes, keyboards and percussions. Edition Rai Trade – absolute premiere. Texts by Vincenzo d'Aquino; Stefano Taglietti, composition, keyboards; Pino Petraccia, percussions; Gian Luca Ciavatta, sax and counter-tenot, flutes.

This composition starts from Pescara with a basic and a script which is not completely concluded. A part of the score will stay open and leave space for the ideas and impressions captured during the trip through Bosnia. A unit of musicians representing  the B.I.O orchestra will collect sounds, images, words and ideas in days before the concert and will tell, through the readings of Vincenzo d’Aquino, about the humanity, the pain, the peace, the hope and the future of a country which has known fire and blood in recent terrible times.


28 august, 20.00pm - Main hall of Dom Kulture

The time of party, balkanic stories and klezmer music presented by Roberta Biagiarelli and the MaxMaber Orkestar


Texts of Elvira Mujcic and Roberta Biagiarelli with Roberta Biagiarelli and the musicians of the MaxMaber Orkestar: Alberto Guzzi – sax, voice, Adriana Giacchetti – cajon, darabuka, voice, Aleksander Altarac – acoustic guitar, voice,  Max Jurcev –accordion, voice, Andrea Medeot – electric bass. Produzione Babelia & c. with the support of  Fondazione Alexander Langer Stiftung and Unità Tecnica Locale di Sarajevo della Cooperazione Italiana


And even if it’s about nostalgia, why not? Nostalgia of the past, nostalgia of a broken life, nostalgia of the own youth, nostalgia of the well-known. And even if it means an attachment to the traditions, why not? Traditions that we don’t have anymore, because our identity has changed and many of us are just parts of different lives. When I think about "Tempo della Festa", I would like to give fables as a present to those who lost the ability to dream. It’s just a fable, but it’s a small sweet to take away the bitter past. 

Elvira Mujcic (translated by Mureda Jacob)



24-29 august – Foyer of Dom Kulture

Through our eyes, photo exhibition

This exhibition will present the pictures of the participants of the photo workshop promoted by Cooperazione Italiana allo Sviluppo in Bosnia Erzegovina. The participants are students of the high school of Srebrenica, that during the eight workshops learned the basic techniques of the photographic art and to express the own emotions through photography thanks to the guide of the professional photographer Sadik Salimović.

This initiative was part of the project “Sostegno alle azioni a favore di bambini/e e adolescenti in BiH” and represents the continuation of the pilot project “Attraverso i nostri occhi”.  The workshop in Srebrenica was the third workshop of a cycle which has been realized in Mostar in 2006 and in Čapljina in 2007.



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