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A Week of Dialogue in Srebrenica: International Cooperation For Memory - 27.8 – 1.9.2007

Oct 1, 2007, Langer Foundation - Tuzlasnka Amica

“International Cooperation For Memory”
Srebrenica 27.08 – 01.09.2007

An International Week of dialogue dedicated to memory took place in Srebrenica from August 27th to September 1st, 2007, a week open to the participation of representative institutions' members, scholars, researchers, journalists, artists, cultural animators, students and curious coming from the Balcan region as well as from the rest of Europe.
The International Week is to be placed in the frame of the project „Adopt Srebrenica“, promoted by the association Tuzlanska Amica, Tuzla (BiH) and the Alexander Langer Foundation, Bolzano (Italy), with the active involvement of the Municipality of Srebrenica and various public administrations, as well as research centres and Italian and International volunteering associations.

The project is possible thanks to the adhesion and support of:

Municipality of Srebrenica, Municipality of Pescara, Region Abruzzo, Region Trentino Alto Adige-Südtirol, Municipality of Marzabotto, Municipality of Bolzano, Rete Lilliput/nodo di Ferrara, Association “Sara” of Srebrenica

Tuzlanska Amica – Mirza Bašić – Tuzla (BiH), Hasana Kikica 1-

Tel. + Fax 00387 35 312 321

Mail: and


Fondazione Alexander Langer – Gabriel Auer – Bolzano (ITA), via Latemar 3,

Tel.+ Fax 0039 (0)471 97 76 91


Sito Internet:


Press office for the International Week 

Andrea Foschi / Camilla Notarbartolo
Tel.: 00387 62 433911





Monday, August 27th - Participants' arrival, Check-in accomodation in families


06.00 pm: Guided visits to the Photographic exhibitions

08.00 pm: Opening with the mayor of Srebrenica Abdurahman Malkić, the local authorities and the promoters



Long Table (August 30th - September 1th)


During the last days of the International Week, a Long Table took place, which concluded with a public declaration (Conclusions of the "Long table")


The Long Table will be coordinated by

Vesna Teršelič (Director of “Documenta”, Center for elaboration of the past in Zagreb/HR)

From Bosnia Herzegovina:

Zdravko Grebo (Professor of Law at the University of Sarajevo/BiH), Irfanka Pašagić (Psychiatrist, director of Tuzlanska Amica/BiH), Lidija Živanović (Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly in Banja Luka/BiH), Hajra Ćatić (Women of Srebrenica/BiH), Damir Peštalić (Imam of Srebrenica/BiH), Martin Antunović (Catholic Church in Tuzla/BiH), Vehid Šehić (Forum of the citizens Tuzla/BiH,


Yolande Mukagasana (Director of the association “La Memorie” Ruanda/Bruxelles), Nataša Kandić (Director of the “Humanitarian Law Center” in Belgrade/SRB), Dragan Banjac (Journalist, Belgrade/Serbia), Maria Bacchi (Researcher, Villa Emma Foundation, Nonantola –Modena/I), Fabio Levi (Professor of Contemporary History, University of Turin/I), Nadia Baiesi (Director of the Monte Sole Foundation, Marzabotto/I), Bosiljka Schedlich (Director südost Europa Kultur e.V., Foundation Überbrücken, Berlin/D)



Seminars (August 28th - 29th)

A debate between local and international experts, followed by a public debate in the form of a seminar.

Women and Memory (28.08)

Coordination: Lalla Golfarelli (Association “Orlando”, Bologna/I)

Liliana Radmanović (Spazio Pubblico di Donne, Bologna/I), Cea Paz Venturelli (Chile), Nura Begović (Women of Srebrenica/BiH), Hajra Ćatić (Women of Srebrenica/BiH), Valentina Gagić (Association Sara, Srebrenica/BiH), Alma Salikić (Forum of Women, BiH).


Documentation of Memory (29.08)

Coordination: Carla Giacomozzi (Historic Archive of the Municipality of Bolzano/I)

Nadia Baiesi (Director of the Monte Sole Foundation, Marzabotto/I); Luisa Morfini (Documentation Centre of San Donato Milanese/I); Abdulah Majstorović (Memorial Center of Potočari/BiH); Hajra Ćatić (Women of Srebrenica/BiH). 


Media and Memory (29.08)

Coordination: Zlatko Dizdarević (Journalist, writer, former director of the newspaper “Oslobodjenje”, Sarajevo/BiH), Jörg Becker (Director KomTech. Institute for Communication and Technology Research, Solingen/D), Andrea Foschi (Journalist free-lance, Rome/I), Journalist from Srebrenica: Miro Pejić 



Public Tribunes (August 28th - 31st )


28.8 International cooperation for memory (Introduction by Lalla Golfarelli - Association “Orlando”, Bologna/I)

29.8 The role of the Media before, during and after violent conflicts (Introduction by Zlatko Dizdarević- Journalist, writer, former director of the newspaper“Oslobodjenje”,Sarajevo/BiH),

30.8 Yolande Mukagasana: Death doesn't want me – The case of Rwanda

31.8 Long-term consequences of the wars and oral memory (Introduction by Bosiljka Schedlich- Director südost Europa Kultur e.V., Foundation Überbrücken, Berlin/D)


Workshops (August 26th - Sep 1st )


For locals:

Art therapy: My present, my past, my future (Hanna Scaramella, Firenze/I): 10 participants

Foto-journalism: Personal itineraries of documentation of reality and everyday life

(Anna Da Sacco, Bumerang, Bolzano/I - Davide Catullo, Milano/I): 6 participants

Storie d’aMare: Memories gathered with a moving camper mobile

by Roberta Biagiarelli - Babelia

For locals and internationals

Srebrenica through my eyes” Photographic images about the future of Srebrenica

(Association Sara, Srebrenica/BiH) – 10 participants

Walking around Srebrenica” Literature workshop

(Marzia Bisognin, Bologna/I) 10 participants

Memory and young generations” (Nadia Baiesi, Marzabotto)

PITA, Bosnian cookery Course" (Women of Srebrenica)- 15 participants


Cultural events (Aug 27th -31st)


August 28th - “Sejny cronicles” Theatre performance, Pogranicze Foundation, Sejny/PL

August 29th  - Football game Nema Frontiera vs Visa

August 30th - “Levante a Mezzogiorno” ("Levant at Noon") Concert of Alfredo's Lacosegliaz Group, Trieste/I

August 31st - Musical Evening: The songwriters Beppe Frattaroli (Italy, Bugnara) and Fabrizio Zanotti (Italy, Torino), 


Photographic exhibitions: Fausto Fabbri, Forlì/I: Neighbours, 10 years of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Livio Senigalliesi, Milano/I: Ruanda- Memories of a Genocide 1994-2004



Performance of Anna Braegger, Swiss




During the day of September 1st the results of the Long Table.

08.00 pm - Party


Languages: Simoultaneus or consecutive translation in the following languages: English/Italian/local.



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