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Life and voices in Srebrenica – The activities for the children

19.8.2008, Fondazione Alexander Langer Stiftung

The activities of animation for children from Srebrenica and near villages are organized in collaboration with the “Unità Tecnica Locale di Sarajevo della Cooperazione Italiana”.  The yell and the games of the children will combine to the reflections of the elders as a sign of life for the community as a whole.


Animation with the Ludobus, in collaboration with EducAid, Nexus CGIL Bologna and PeaceGames UISP Bologna


24, 25 and 26 august

A team of “animation experts” of the "Sportski savez", canton of  Sarajevo, of the "Musicians without borders", Srebrenica and of the embassy of local democracy of Zavidovici will move around Srebrenica and its surroundings.


The communication game, led by Motus Danza

The objective of the creative laboratory for children is to stimulate respect for the differences and at the same time to motivate interaction and communication. A big painting will be created by all participants using different sheets of paper. Each child will get one sheet and will be asked to paint it. Everybody can paint whatever he wants, but should take in consideration also the paintings of the others. In fact, all painted sheets will be assembled to constitute a bigger painting that will be exposed as a single work. Therefore each participant should learn how to interact with the others and remain in communication in order to create a fluent dialogue of paintings and avoid gaps in between.


Artistic workshop about puppet shows, led by Hamica Nametak

25 and 26 august, 6 hours each day         

In collaboration with a master puppet player, Mr. Hamica Nametak, who had a long lasting career and is one the most important artists of this field, an artistic workshop about the puppet shows is realized. During the workshop the small participants will get closer to the variety and richness of puppets, they will learn how to create them and in the end they will develop a play to present to the others.


Drawing Workshop, led by Radenko Djordjevic

28 and 29 august, 6 hours each day

The drawing workshop will be prepared by Mr. Radenko Djordjevic, a well-known artist, who will guide the young artists to illustrate the own home-town from a creative perspective and a point of view free from stereotypes. Pencils and brushs will be used to express the point of view of the children.



During the breaks of the workshops the Italian embassy of Sarajevo will provide some snacks for the children.


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