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Life and voices in Srebrenica – The activities for the youth
Before and during the International Week various activities were organized with the youth of Srebrenica and those of the near villages. A way to continue the dialogue and the meeting with the local community through other forms as well.



Clowns na grad – Clowns in town, led by Chiara Visca – Associazione culturale Sagapò

 21-24 august, 4 hours each meeting

To study clownery and the art of the roadshows is not only a sure way to bring the audience to laugh, but also a important mean to understand itself, the own gifts and faults. The own communication skills are improved and the irony, the laugh are able to enlighten a day when the sun isn’t shining and each moment could become a magic one. Six young students of Bolzano and six of Srebrenica will participate that will present their learnt skills in some performances during the week. 


A Videoclip in Srebrenica, led by Camilla Notarbartolo  - Cooperativa Sociale Grado 16 Officine dell'Autopromozione

21-23 august, 6 hour each meeting

The target of this videoclip workshop is a group of 10-15 young people and has the aim to teach them bases of the language of the media. Through this workshop on the one side young persons are given the opportunity of reflecting about the codes of the media, thus gathering awareness about the way media influences their lives; on the other sides, they are given the opportunity of expressing their own thoughts and ideas by realising a videoclip, whereby they become protagonists both in the planning and the realisation of the videoclip. The videoclip will be presented during a official meetings of the International Week. The workshop will take place in the village of Suceska, in collaboration with the cultural association Associazione Nema Frontera.


Body language across borders, led by Simona Cieri, Motus Danza di Siena

22 august, lasts approx. 2 hours

The workshop is directed to all interested people (with or without previous experience in theatre or dance). The objective of the workshop is to make visible what is not visible. Emotions and feelings generate movements starting from individual universe. Listening to the language of own body is the preliminary step to each other understanding. Sequence of movements create narrations. Movements are an instrument of communication without barriers.



Other activities are currently under examination.