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Life and voices in Srebrenica – The programme of the workshops
19.8.2008, Foundation


Beyond the official programme of meetings, video-debates and conferences, facultative workshops were organized during the week:


Experience by walking – group of wanderers, led by Marzia Bisognin

25th , 26th  and 28th august, from 8.00 to 10.00 

Walking through the surroundings of Srebrenica, the wanderers have the opportunity to get to know each other guided by Marzia. A chance to visit some suggestive places of the surrounding territory and at the same time a chance to share with others the opened spaces of the own inner spirit.

Folkloristic dances of Srebrenica, led by Sadik Salimovic

25th – 28th  August, from 8.00 to 10.00

The folkloristic dances are a traditional form of meeting, party and ritual exchange. Everyone can enjoy them, also without being aware of it. This activity focuses the dance as a mode to get to know a nearby culture, a heritage of that Europe that passes also through Srebrenica. The workshop occurs in collaboration the Associazione Babelia&c. and demands a small payment for the conductor.


The women of Srebrenica and near villages meet to plan and to develop a common public space, led by Lalla Golfarelli, Associazione Orlando. Molte donne un pianeta.

27th August, from 14.00 to 18.00

There are different generations of women living here, their existence here testifies the legacy with this country and is a sign of their strength. This conservative and explorative women are looking for ways to maintain their history, belonging, afflictions and future.


More information about and the registration to the workshops will take place at the beginning of the International week.  For further information about the workshops, please send a mail to