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Adopt Srebrenica

"Adopt Srebrenica": a project of dialogue and together living

The project “Adopt Srebrenica” grew out of a long and solid relationship between the Alexander Langer Foundation of Bolzano/Italy and the organization Tuzlanska Amica of Tuzla/Bosnia Herzegovina. The idea of collaboration was born in 2005 when Irfanka Pašagić received the Alexander Langer International Award. In this period emerged the will to bring back and improve the International attention on Srebrenica starting  a project of partnership with the city which consists in an active involvement of  public administrations, as well as research centres and Italian and International volunteering associations.


The long term goals are:

  • Working for the future, keeping a permanent International attention and presence in Srebrenica. “Srebrenica” mustn’t be just a Bosnian matter, it is also a matter of Europe and even of the whole world.
  • Contributing to the revitalization of the city of Srebrenica.
  • Promoting a process of confidence building and intercultural dialogue. Supporting a culture of peace and together living. Creating a shared historical memory; promoting a culture of prevention and management of conflicts.
  • Creating an International Intercultural and Documentation Centre

Planned activities of the Centre:

Research, study and documentation

  • Creation of a library and media library
  • Seminars, workshops, debates, courses [impact and study of the long term consequences of war and genocide (economical, psychological, medical, social, cultural, …); analysis of conflict and genocide in different places of the world; creation of a net between those realities; promotion of dialogue; conflict resolution and management techniques; memory; trauma; interethnic dynamics; together living]
  • Support to Bosnian and International students and researchers for their research projects (dissertation, thesis, …)
  • Publications.

Cultural activities: film evenings, literary presentations, exhibitions, debates.

Recreational and educational activities for children and young people of Srebrenica, e.g. courses of languages, informatics, theatre, dance, video maker, photography, music, …

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