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Articles: Dan Bar On

The paper demonstrates how the method of storytelling can be used to work through intractable conflicts in inter-group activities. The original Freudian concept of working through was widened to apply to socially traumatic experiences arising from inter-group conflict situations, emphasizing the ability of the person to learn to live with the painful events of one's past while developing an ability to listen to the pain of the "other"....

Storytelling as a way to work-through intractable conflicts: The German-Jewish experience and its relevance to the Palestinian – Israeli context, Dan Bar-On, Fatma Kassem, Department of Behavioral Sciences
Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

The report is a summary of a pilot study conducted by the Israeli-Palestinian research team of PRIME (Peace Research Institute in the Middle East). Sixteen Israeli and twelve Palestinian NGOs who were engaged in cooperative work were analyzed to measure the degree of their effectiveness in their societies, and obstacles encountered in their cooperative work. In addition, this report presents these NGOs interpretation of the causes of environmental damage and its connection to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict....

Palestinian and Israeli Cooperation in Environmental Work during the "Peace Era", Julia Chaitin, Fida Obeidi, Sami Adwan, and Dan Bar-On
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