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Tuzla International Meeting, 3-5 july

May 7, 2015

“Is Europe Possible Without Multiculture?”
International meeting
3-5 July 2015, Tuzla
Organized in the framework of Euromediterranea 2015, 2-11 July

The international meeting “Is Europe Possible Without Multiculture?”, will take place in Tuzla from the 3rd to the 5th of July 2015 in the framework of Euromediterranea 2015 and it is promoted by the Alexander Langer Foundation, the Association Tuzlanska Amica and the Forum of Tuzla Citizens.

The title of the meeting recalls that of the conference held in November 1994 in the besieged Tuzla organized by the “Verona Forum for Peace and Reconciliation on the Territories of the Former Yugoslavia”, of which Langer was one of the main promoters. There, civil society representatives from war-torn Yugolsav states had the chance to gather and envision solutions to the raging war. In the twenty years after, the strong relations between Langer and the Balkan region were kept alive also through the Alexander Langer International Award.

Nataša Kandić and Vjosa Dobruna (Serbia and Kosovo) received the Award in 2000, while Irfanka Pašagić (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in 2005. Since then, a strong bond between the Langer Foundation and the cities of Tuzla and Srebrenica began, leading to the birth of the Association Adopt Srebrenica. After 10 years of existence promoting interethnic dialogue, this mixed group of: “pioneer plants, mediators, bridges builders, wall jumpers and frontiers explorers”, will be the Langer laureate 2015.

The international meeting “Is Europe Possible Without Multiculture?” builds on these valuable experiences of civil engagement from the past and the present and will be a space to discuss with those who are today active in promoting peace and dialogue. We will do it with the help of Langer's words, that keep providing innovative keys to address, among others, the topics of nonviolence and multiculturalism in face of today’s challenges for Bosnia and Herzegovina and Europe as a whole.

The event is organized with the support and the participation of the Green Group of the European Parliament and the “International Network for Srebrenica” composed by: Autonomous Province of Bolzano, Municipality of Bolzano, Municipality of Venezia, Municipality of Trieste, Municipality of Pescara, Municipality of Penne, Municipality of Caramanico Terme, AICCRE Abruzzo, Gruppo/Skupina 84 (TS), Association Miladonnambiente and Baobab Pescara.

Program draft
Tuzla, 3-5 July 2015

Friday 3.7.


Press conference and opening of Safet Zec’s exhibition dedicated to A. Langer - Gallery of Contemporary Art of Tuzla.


Opening of the conference at the Hotel Tuzla.

Welcome of the authorities. Promoters: Forum of Tuzla Citizens (Vehid Šehić); Tuzlanska Amica (Irfanka Pašagić); Alexander Langer Foundation, Green Group of the European Parliament.


Dance performance by Motus Danza: “Tell me that you love me” / Tuzla National Theater.

Saturday 4.7.


Conference / Hotel Tuzla.

“Alexander Langer and the ‘Bosnian lesson’”, Introduction by Marijana Grandits, Rada Gavrilović.


Lunch break.



“A tentative decalogue for the Art of Ethnic Togetherness”;

“Igmanska Inicijativa”, cooperation between towns;

“Federalism and participation” (by the Institute for the Studies of Federalism and Regionalism, European Academy of Bolzano);

“The culture of memory”.

“The dictionary of cohabitation”, the role of media in shaping conflicts;

“Art and culture as tools against dominant interpretations of reality”,(Center for Contemporary Art, Sarajevo and Center for Cultural Decontamination, Belgrade).


Open air theater performance based on Don Quixote by Teatro Zappa Theater and Rusmir Krdžalić interpreted by young actors from Srebrenica and Tuzla.

Sunday 5.7.


From Srebrenica to the world “Living together today: between memory and new conflicts”. Round table.

Presentation of the International Alexander Langer Award to the Association Adopt Srebrenica.


Closing of the conference - concert by “Donatori di Musica” (Langer Award 2013).

Simultaneous translation in Italian, English and BHS will be available.

List of confirmed speakers and guests from the region
Nataša Kandić (Humanitarian Law Center, Belgrade)
Jovan Divjak
Hasan Nuhanović (Memorial Center Potoari)
Marijana Grandits (organizer)
Safet Zec (painter)
Vesna Teršelić (Documenta, Zagreb)
Adopt Srebrenica (Alexander Langer award 2015)
Zlatko Dizdarević (diplomat and journalist)
Sonja Biserko (founder of Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, Serbia)
Borka Pavičević (Center for Cultural Decontamination, Belgrade)
Staša Zajović (Women in black)
Center for Contemporary Art, Sarajevo

Other speakers yet to be confirmed.

+39 0471 977691

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