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Documenti reperibili online

Berghof Handbook of Conflict Transformation.

International Crisis Group, Bruxelles: informazioni aggiornate su particolari conflitti.

Robert Kaplan, “The Coming Anarchy: how scarcity, crime, overpopulation and disease are rapidly destroying the social fabric of the planet”, The Atlantic Monthly. (uno degli articoli più controversi e discussi sui conflitti identitari degli anni ’90)

Donna Pankhurst, Mainstreaming Gender in Peacebuilding: A framework for action, London: International Alert, 2000.

OECD/Development Assistance Committee, Helping Prevent Violent Conflict: Orientations for External Partners, Paris, 2001.,2340,en_2649_34559_1886125_1_1_1_37413,00.html
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