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The Programme of the visit to Strasbourg
8.3.2009, Fondazione Alexander Langer Stiftung
Europe and its Institutions: past, present and future

Programme of the visit to the Council of Europe and to the European Parliament

Strasbourg 8th - 11th of March 2009


Sunday, 8th of March 2009

Arrival in Strasbourg

Monday, 9th of March 2009

10.00 – 16.00 Visit to the Council of Europe including:

-         official presentation of the Council of Europe 

-         meeting with Mrs Mary Ann HENNESSEY, Administrator at the Directorate of Political Advice and Co-operation (Directorate General of Democracy and Political Affairs)

-         presentation of Association of Local Democracy Agencies by Mrs. Camille Gangloff

-         meeting with Mr. Bohner, Secretary General of the Congress of Local and Regional Autorithies

16.00 – 18.00 Seminar:

-         exchanging best practices in active mobilization of the society and implementing participatory activities, especially those focused on memory and dealing with the past processes

Tuesday, 10th of March 2009

10.30 – 17.00  Visit to the European Parliament including:

-         official presentation of the EP, by Mr. Sepp Kusstatscher MEP

-         attending the EP Plenary Session

-         political meeting with Mrs. Doris Pack, President of the Delegation for South East Europe of the EP and Mr. Hannes Swoboda, Mrs. Gisela Kallenback, Mr. Jelko Kacin, Mrs. Angelika Beer members of the Delegation

17.00 – 18.00  Evaluation of the study trip and arrangements for next meetings